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Emergency Repair Service for Your Roof

Water leaks, condensation, powerful winds, loose gutters, fire ... Many situations can lead to serious roofing problems. While it is better to prevent problems by means of regular inspections as opposed to having to repair damage, sometimes urgent problems may still appear without warning ...

In case of emergency, TOITURES NORTECH is available for owners of private homes or businesses who need emergency repairs of their roof. Available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, our conscientious team of technicians offers professional and affordable emergency repair service for your residential or commercial roofing.

A member in good standing of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec, TOITURES NORTECH uses recommended emergency-roof-repair methods, while fully complying with all security measures.

Emergency Repairs: Water Leakage from Your Roof

We never expect to see water leaking from ceilings or walls and it is not prudent to let the situation continue. Waiting a few days may result in major rotting problems, potentially requiring the replacement of your entire roof. That is why it it necessary to act without delay when faced with an emergency. Often, replacing individual shingles or targeting blockages will suffice: around metal flashings, plumbing vents, chimneys, chimney fans, or skylights.

Emergency Repairs: Fire Burns a Part of Your Roof

When a fire literally melts a part of your roofing and parts of your roof, it is best to urgently rebuild and repair your roof to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Leaving the roof in such a state can be dangerous as it can cause major water leakages.

Emergency Repairs: Powerful Winds Damage or Tear Off Your Roofing

Sometimes during powerful winds, a part of the roof comes loose or some shingles detach, leaving the roof vulnerable to the elements. It is best to repair the damage quickly to avoid having water seep through to the ceiling, causing an overall deterioration that can be very expensive. One emergency call to our roofing repair specialists will be enough to bring everything back to normal.

Emergency Repairs: Condensation Due to Bad Insulation or Ventilation

Condensation appears on ceilings when the attic's insulation and/or ventilation is inadequate. Condensation infiltrates ceilings and appears as puddles or as water along edges.

Condensation problems need to be dealt with quickly because they can cause more serious damage such as rot and stale air (which spreads respiratory ailments). When condensation spots appear, you need to have an emergency verification of the state of your attic's insulation and ventilation system. Indeed, condensation problems in winter are caused by poor air circulation under the roof (in the attic). So, you need to be sure that the the insulation does not block the airflow.

Contact TOITURES NORTECH in Laval, Mirabel, Blainville for Emergency Repairs of Your Roof

For emergency repairs of your residential or business roofing, contact TOITURES NORTECH as quickly as possible at 1-877-420-6661. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to repair your roof in Laval, Mirabel, Blainville and the surrounding areas.

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Emergency Service

 An emergency repair superintendent available round the clock, 7 days a week, to protect your investment at all times

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