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Solarium and Sunroom Maintenance and Repair Service

For the maintenance or repair of your solarium or sunroom, take advantage of the services of the water- infiltration specialists at TOITURES NORTECH. Our qualified experts, with over 30 years of experience in the repair of solariums and sunrooms, are able to inspect, seal, defog, and repair all types of solariums and sunrooms.

We offer the following services:

  • Check and repair the seals of solariums and sunrooms
  • Specialist in water infiltration inside solariums or sunrooms
  • Condensation (fogging) problems inside solariums and sunrooms
  • Solarium and sunroom thermal window replacement
  • Replacement of solarium and sunroom retaining walls
  • Specializing in changing patio doors to solariums and sunrooms
  • Solarium and sunroom general inspection
  • Solarium and sunroom renovations
  • Hardware, weather stripping
  • Solarium and sunroom carpentry
  • Solarium and sunroom inspection service
  • Solarium and sunroom maintenance service

If your solarium or sunroom has never been seen by an independent expert, it is worth noting that investing in an assessment could prevent serious damage. A solarium or sunroom inspection undertaken every five years is sufficient to prevent worsening damage. Our solarium and sunroom maintenance and repair procedures are safe and meticulous.

Water Infiltration and Repairs of Solariums and Sunrooms

You have noticed water infiltration in your solarium or sunroom? Our team can diagnose the different problems relating to the waterproofness and strength of your structure and will advise you on matters of prevention as well as the maintenance or repair that your your solarium or sunroom requires to avoid any problem.

We will repair any defects and replace the items that are causing the problems or that have been damaged due to water infiltration in your solarium or sunroom.

Carpentry Work to Repair Your Solarium or Sunroom

Our team offers comprehensive carpentry services for solarium or sunroom repairs. We are able to repair the wooden structure of your solarium or sunroom, install steps, add a porch or outdoor terrace, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to explain in detail the carpentry and repairs that your solarium or sunroom require. We offer excellent service at very affordable prices!

For service or repairs to your solarium or sunroom in Montreal, Laval, Mirabel, or Mont-Tremblant, call 1 (877) 420-6661 and we will be there in a flash to help.

Our specialists will be able to meet all your waterproofing, repair, maintenance, and carpentry needs for your solarium or sunroom.

The Benefits of Choosing Us

By choosing us to effect your solarium repairing needs, you assure yourself of a number of benefits, including :

  • Turnkey services : we provide all the services you need to complete your solarium repairing: evaluation of the project, purchase of the building materials, management of the roofers on the worksite, installation of the materials, quality control, etc.
  • Versatility : in addition to the repair of your solarium, our roofers and other professionals are able to handle carpentry work as well as to install your ventilation and insulation systems
  • On-time delivery of your solarium
  • A skilled workforce : each of our roofers holds his CCQ competency card as well as BP, Soprema, Firestone, and Carlisle certifications
  • Reliable and rigorous services along with competitive prices
  • And more

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To learn more about our services, please contact us. Our business covers the regions of the North Shore and the Lower Laurentians, as well as the cities of Laval, Mirabel, Blainville, and many others.

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